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Sim@openPASS is the platform which is created, developed and maintained by the openPASS WG. The Eclipse sim@openPASS platform mainly consists of a GUI and a simulation core interacting with openPASS modules as well as external programs for post-processing. More information about the project can be found on the project page. The project source code is managed in GitLab. This link directs you to GitLab where you can download the simulation platform.


Here you can download the installation guide for sim@openPASS.

Besides that, the openPASS WG cooperates with the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart HLRS. They provide a Windows installer for openPASS. The openPASS WG and the Eclipse Foundation are not responsible for the content and the installer did not went through any Eclipse Foundation processes. For a quick setup please have a look on their site. If you are also interested to make distributions regarding openPASS relevant content, please get in contact with us. The contact information can be found in the tab “Contact”.


Here you can download a tutorial on how to configure a simulation with openPASS.


Here you can download the function documentation to openPASS.

Here you can download the developer documentation to openPASS.

Here you can download the GUI documentation to openPASS.



Active safety SystemsActive safety systems are, within the context of the tool, systems that have notable safety effect on the course of simulated scenarios.
ADASAdvanced Driver Assistance System
PCM of GIDASPreCrash Matrix from the database of the German In-Depth Accident Study



CoreConsists of a master-slave system and provides the main functionality of the platform, like creating agents, scheduling tasks and coordinating the flow of information.
Core ModuleA module that provides a main function to the core, like a detection of collisions or some stochastic equations. These modules are not part of the core, but part of the platform itself. They´re exchangeable, so that some functionality can be implemented differently.
PlatformA software environment which provides the functionality to simulate a set of different traffic scenarios. Consists of the Master, Slave, Core Modules and Interfaces.
openPASSPlatform for the simulative evaluation of active safety systems in vehicles.
OpenPassMasterCoordinator of the simulation process. It starts one slave for each scenario.
OpenPassSlaveThe OpenPassSlave is the simulator. It runs one scenario with a defined number of similar situations.


AgentAn arbitrary static or dynamic object in the simulation of a traffic scenario. Therefore, it might (but does not have to) be a traffic participant. An agent consists of one Agent Equipment and its physical parameters.
Agent EquipmentA set of components determining an agent’s behavior.
ComponentA module that defines a specific part of an agent’s behavior, like sensing the environment (Sensor) or calculating a desired acceleration (Algorithm).
SignalA general term that subsumes inputs and outputs. Signals are transported by channels within an agent’s equipment.

Report a Bug

The openPASS WG uses Tuleap, an open source agile project management tool. Among other things, we are using it to track bugs, create user stories, epics and plan the next releases. Under the tracker “Bug” you can report your bug. Furthermore, you can find a summary which concludes all the previous fixed, ongoing and the new bugs. Click here to create your first bug.

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