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Idea of openPASS

Have a look into the presentation of openPASS at EclipseCON 2021

Open Platform for Assessment of Safety Systems. Harmonized and flexible platform for scenario-based traffic simulation of advanced driver asistance systems and automated driving systems. Traffic simulation, stochastic variation, modularity and flexibility, reproducibility through determinism and standardized interfaces.
  • The rise of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving systems leads to the need of virtual simulation to assess these systems and their effects.

  • Main agreed target objective is to become a broadly accepted effectiveness assessment platform for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving systems.

Use Cases

1. PCM Simulations: "Crash re-simulations"

  • PCM of GIDAS: PreCrash Matrix from the database of the German In-Depth Accident Study.
  • Re-simulate real crashes from the past, but with cars having advanced driver assistance systems or automated driving systems and assess if the tested technology would have improved the safety.

2. Scenario-based traffic simulations

  • This is the most common use case for openPASS.
  • Enables simulation of whole traffic scenarios. That includes stochastic variation of those scenarios, intervention through detection of events and triggered actions and much more.
  • To get a better understanding about how these simulations are performed, please look at the scenario-based simulation tutorial.

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