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The openPASS (open Platform for Assessment of Safety Systems) platform is being developed to conduct scenario-based traffic simulation. Strong support for simulation standards and a modular setup allow the platform to be tailored to a wide variety of simulation use cases.


Target Objectives

Learn more about the essential objectives of the project. Here you can find introductory presentations and videos.


Learn more about the platform concept, the simulation process and the top-level architecture.

Working Group

Learn more about the team behind openPASS.


Get engaged with the openPASS Working Group!


Automated Driving

Integration of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving systems into openPASS.


Tool development through a unique collaboration between BMW, Bosch, Mercedes, TÜV SÜD and VW.

Open Source

Available for everyone under the Eclipse Public License v2.0.

Traffic Simulation

Traffic simulation of highway, rural and urban scenarios.

Support of Standards

Support of ASAM OpenDRIVE, OpenSCENARIO and OSI as well as Modelica FMI and SSP.

Stochastic Variation

Conducting thousands of simulations through stochastic variation.


Connection of user-defined components with the simulation core through the modular approach.


Reproducibility of simulation results through determinism.


Visualization of the simulation outputs in a 3D animation using Unity.


How to get started with openPASS.

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